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EPP Features


The first project oversight solution specifically designed for executives, the Executive Project Portal (EPP), offers the most intuitive web-based Executive Dashboard focused on project performance.. Using EPP, organizations can facilitate more effective decision making and highly efficient progress performance reviews of their various project portfolios. EPP promises to simplify the life and increase the productivity of all executives and senior managers responsible for organizational initiatives.


EPP Features Benefits
Provides organizations insight intelligence regarding patterns in customer behavior

Key stakeholders can keep an eye on the key performance metrics that affect major project decisions and intervene appropriately.

Provides transparency to project portfolio by providing users any time, anywhere access to projects.

Project decision makers in remote locations or that are traveling will always have access to the relevant pertaining to the organization's initiatives


Major stakeholders (such as customers, auditors or the Board of Directors) can always have access to key project performance data.

Provides a simple, elegant portrait of key project information.

Our best-in-class information mapping techniques masks out all the noise and presents the senior managers the key facts needed for better decision-making


Drill-downs are provided to facilitate management having the most pertinent information they would need pertaining to that project. at every step to ensure that power

Automatically generates project progress reports and executive level presentations

Project leaders and their teams save time and energy on preparing and developing progress reports and presentations.


Senior management gets the type of reporting relevant to their to enable better decisions regarding allocation of organizational resources.

Facilitates communication, accountability and organizational efficiency

Accountable executives and project team members can communicate on core project issues directly from EPP from any location allowing users tremendous flexibility while saving them time


Team members drive accountability with each other by keeping in existence requests that are made impacting the project.

Enables the assessment of the progress of the project portfolio and high priority initiatives

Allows better resource / asset allocation among competing projects in the portfolio


Top ten projects prioritized by the organization are highlighted for easy access by key decision makers


Key project news items impacting the organization are easy highlights ensuring stakeholders are kept updated

Allows the project team to store key documents (spreadsheets, presentations, text files, databases) related to their project. Facilitates effective knowledge management as relevant project information as always at the finger tips of the project team and authorized management.
Provides the organization a powerful way to manage project issue to resolution

Team members can easily and efficiently identify, prioritize and communicate issues for their project


Key decision makers can track all high priority issues across the entire project portfolio for easy resolution