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EPP Factsheet


The first project oversight solution specifically designed for executives, the Executive Project Portal (EPP), offers the most intuitive web-based Executive Dashboard focused on project performance. Using EPP, organizations can facilitate more effective decision making and highly efficient progress performance reviews of their various project portfolios. EPP promises to simplify the life and increase the productivity of all executives and senior managers responsible for organizational initiatives.


Real-time Project Performance Tracking

EPP is designed to provide organizations a continuous, real-time window into the changing conditions during a project's life cycle. Our clients choose to update their projects on a daily, weekly, monthly or real time basis depending on the demands of management and the timeline/urgency of the project. This immediate feedback allows for critical decisions and/or corrective measures to be taken of the major initiatives in the organization. Using EPP's intuitive dashboard, senior management can 'in three minutes or less' view performance dynamics in the projects that affect their organizational areas or business units.


Executive Management Monitoring

Current project management systems have been traditionally developed for Project Managers who are concerned with the detail tasks and day to day activities of their specific project. The problem is that these PM systems generate an overwhelming amount of detailed information in a format geared for trained Project Managers. The Executive Project Portal (EPP) was designed for the Senior Manager who has not been trained in PERT and Gantt Charts but rather needs a simple and effective and efficient way to monitor the portfolio of projects in his or her organization. From its inception EPP was developed to save time for busy Executives by allowing the rapid review of key projects and providing balanced project metrics such as status, issues, economics and objectives.


Bridging Communications

Many studies indicate that projects have a failure rate exceeding 70%. These are projects that do not meet stakeholder expectations in terms of timelines, budgets and the quality of the project deliverable. Expectations need to be managed and are a function of effective communication in a truthful and timely manner. Executive Project facilitates concise and effective communications through its Action Box feature and the recommended language syntax for the Executive Summary progress updates. The recommended 'languaging' in EPP reduces ambiguity and gets to the 'heart' of project issues while being focused on the effectiveness of the recommended solutions. Bridging this communication gap between the project leadership and the line management is accomplished when EPP is implemented according to recommended practices.


Diminishing Project Surprises

Project managers have been conditioned over the decades by senior managers to play a specific game when it came to reporting project status. The game is best described from the project manager's perspective as, "Let me be ambiguous as possible or avoid giving my update until I can get my project back on track". The bad news is that project managers win this game about twenty percent of the time. The Executive Project Solution introduces a new game that is winnable for project managers and frankly more appropriate for the reality of project management. The new game is a game of transparency and recommends that the real focus should be on eliminating any surprises for key stakeholders with an emphasis on the quality of solutions recommended to deal with project problems. The default state for projects is late, no wonder it is demoralizing for project managers to continually report on a late status week after week. EPP's provides an unparalleled level of access and transparency to line management and other stakeholder that removes the mystery behind why the projects are late and as a result diminishes project surprises. This then gives the project team a fighting chance to better manage expectations on the project and increase the likelihood of success in the eyes of their stakeholders.


Automatic Progress Report Generation

One of the biggest complaints by project teams is the time spent creating reports and presentations to update senior management. Furthermore, the project leaders are often given feedback that these reports continually miss the mark regarding the perspective needed by Executives or customers. One of the key features of Executive Project is that it automatically generates reports for the Senior Management. Once the project teams spends the recommended fifteen minutes per period to update the project, the Executive Project Portal can be linked to an LCD projector and give live Executive presentation. More importantly, the concern on not meeting the needs of Senior Management is completely removed as the Executive Project was designed specifically from inception for reporting and monitoring for senior leaders in the organization.