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EPP Case Study


An Agency in US Commerce Department needs a mechanism to effectively track and manage the major projects impacting the agency's performance and strategic plan.


The Situation

One of President George Bush's key initiatives is the President's Management Agenda whose main objective is to bring more accountability and focus on performance/results through out the US.Federal Government. This initiative put a lot of first time pressure of the administration of many of the Government's Departments, Agencies and Bureaus. CommerceAgency had one of the smallest budgets in the Commerce Department but a very significant mission. It was on the verge of getting its budget cut and needed to demonstrate performance. Confida was brought in to implement a system to help track the performance of its major projects.


The Approach

CommerceAgency's ability to demonstrate performance was critical as it was thought that other agencies or bureaus could accomplish CommerceAgency's mission. It was important to provide an easy and transparent way to track performance. We began by assessing both the needs and capabilities of the agency. This allowed us to customize our training and implementation approach to make it most effective for CommerceAgency. It became very clear that the implementation approach had to deal with the reality that the organizational culture was not performance based or results focused.


The Solution

Understanding the culture of this Federal Agency was a fundamental part of implementing a sustainable solution. Confida conducted a series of training sessions to familiarize the staff to the technical and practical aspects of the Executive Project Solution. We used these sessions to load CommerceAgency's key projects around the Nation and to train staff on planning successful projects. We then spent six months working with the management and project leaders to institutionalize the use of Executive Project to monitor and report on the performance CommerceAgency's project portfolio. CommerceAgency uses Executive Project to help them fulfill their objectives from the Presidents Management Agenda and to ensure a certain level of standardization of progress reporting across the Agency.