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MMP Features


The Material Management Portal (MMP) is a decision-support system designed to optimize the inventory management process for manufacturing operations. Using an intuitive design and an elegant balancing between hard-core analytical science and soft-core human intervention, the product uses an ROP based methodology to drastically reduce volatility in inventory levels and optimize the trade-off between service-levels versus inventory levels.


MMP Features Benefits
Provides materials planning group with a holistic lifecycle inventory management tool

A powerful business intelligence tool and a pragmatic approach to inventory lifecycle management can yield upwards of 60% improvement in inventory levels


Lifecycle inventory management discipline allows for easier handling of bottlenecks and exception handling

Presents persons responsible for procuring and purchasing an alternative toolset that is streamlined for high-volatility, real-world settings Considerable lowering of inventory volatility - "dampens" the large deviations in inventory levels for smoother planning and procurement processes
Offers a solution that balances the "tug-of-war" between service and inventory levels Inventories can be lowered without negatively affecting service levels
Structures lean inventory management protocols based on a reorder-point (ROP) system

Yields staggering improvements in inventory levels


ROP has fewer shortcomings than MRP including allowing for a higher margin of error and a more straightforward supplier mapping which greatly simplifies inventory mana
Provides customized strategies tailored to logical item groupings and segments including alerts for "underperforming" items

Inventory management strategies that are optimized for logical groupings (one or more items) are far more likely to yield dramatic results that a one-size-fits-all approach


Encourages active attention and management of the inventory and procurement processes (using a try-refine-perfect approach)

Encourages business users (not specialists) to utilize an analytic application for decision-making purposes Decisions can be made more quickly (even in customer-facing situations) by business users utilizing the easy-to-understand reports designed by business users for business users

Many current Business Intelligence applications are too dense and require specialized analysts to manage and translate information - making it far less useful as a reliable, agile knowledge-base
Provides a simple, elegant portrait of key business information Our best-in-class information mapping techniques masks out all the noise and presents the business users with the key facts needed for better decision-making

Drill-downs are provided at every step to ensure that power business users have access to the information that they need