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Use of Materials


Web Site User recognizes that the information, documents, demos and certain other materials delivered by Confida (Copyrighted Information) are copyrighted properties Confida and its affiliated companies.

You have our permission to print and use copies of Copyrighted Information on this Web Site provided that:

  • All of the copyright notices appearing on such Copyrighted Information are included on all your copies
  • If your version of Copyrighted Information does NOT include Confida's copyright tag (Copyright, Confida, 1999-2004, All Rights Reserved) or similar, then you will add the tag to the bottom of the document before using Copyrighted Information
  • Your use of such information is limited to personal use, informational, non-commercial purposes, and Copyrighted Information may not be modified or altered in any way
  • You do NOT disclose, disseminate, or distribute to any party except to contractors and third parties providing services to the Web Site User, in which case the contractor or third party shall be bound as the Web Site User

No part of any Copyrighted Information found on this Web Site may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever (except for personal, informational, non-commercial purposes), without the prior written permission of Confida.

Note that Confida provides a number of software products through this web site which are governed through separate Software Licenses and Maintenance Agreements. The use of these products without signing these documents is strictly prohibited.