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Case Studies

Capability Case Study
Business Intelligence
Analytic Applications Forecasting budgets made much simpler using demand-driven decision-support methodology
Financial Analytics Financial services company repositions sales strategy to target profitability instead of revenues
Inventory Analytics Powerful analytic application helps drastically reduce inventory levels for a semiconductor concern
Customer Analytics Comprehensive customer analytics target high leverage opportunities for cross selling
Project Analytics Business continuity and contingency plans developed for large conglomerate in response to urgent regulatory requirements
Market Intelligence Market share for branch network provides first look at reliable market performance measures
Decision Blueprints

Banks complete operational merger successfully in time-compressed environment

Project prioritization tool sorts out critical organizational projects for large financial institution

Growth Strategies

Medical technology company develops plan to expand into new markets

Startup entertainment venture restructures in anticipation of new funding

Project Leadership
Executive Project Solutions Government agency needs to effectively track and manage major projects impacting its performance
Leadership Mentoring Top regional Financial Services Company realized the need to develop its next generation of leaders to effectively compete in the next ten years.
Strategy Implementation Mortgage company needs to raise competitiveness by improving its capability to execute its strategic objectives
Project Office Blueprint Expanding financial company builds project management capabilities to help trend of failing M&A projects
Performance Reporting
Benchmarking Customer retention issues resolved through counter-intuitive segmentation scheme
Scorecards & Dashboards Activity-based profitability solution helps target growth, high profitability customers