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The Confida Difference


At Confida, we provide a unique solution that differentiates us from the marketplace based both on our offerings and our approach.

Our distinctive approach is punctuated by the fact that, unlike most decision support solution providers, we are business people with strategy and operations backgrounds. We are not technologists and as such have an aversion to needlessly complex, technically-driven solutions. Our products are designed with a basic premise - simplicity, elegance and ease-of-use. We distinguish ourselves from the market by designing software by the business user for the business user.

In doing so, we realize that every situation we face is uniquely different and business idiosyncrasies must be completely internalized before designing a solution. We are not a large systems vendor and as such have an aversion to needlessly expensive, off-the-shelf business intelligence software designed to purportedly solve "world hunger". Our products rely on Confida's proprietary decision-support engine, but are otherwise designed with a specific client in mind - the same way Rolls Royce's are designed. Leveraging a core technology, but designing to an organization's unique specifications greatly improves the effectiveness and usability of analytic applications.

We are involved in all aspects of the decision support lifecycle - from business understanding and analysis to systems specifications and design (which means no handoffs). At Confida, we spend an inordinate amount of energy (and often more than 50% of the total project time) with data integrity issues. The devil is in the details and with decision-support solutions, the devil is in the data. We realize that good decision making is impossible without good data, but it is equally impossible without good reports. There is a tendency, with today's decision-support and business intelligence tools, to design reports and dashboards with a multitude of colorful but poorly designed indicators. At Confida, we pride ourselves in our information mapping capabilities presenting elegantly and simply the information needed by the decision-maker.

In providing decision-support consulting and then molding and capturing the analysis and knowledge in software systems, we provide the most beneficial, lasting knowledge transfer. What makes our approach and products unique is captured by the following:


  • Designed by a business user for a business user
  • It's about the data, stupid!
  • Start with a core engine and custom-build each solution