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Our Guidelines


Although Confida is less structured than most organizations, we are as guarded and meticulous as an artist about our work product - we refer to this as "leaving rake marks". Our guidelines act as a compass identifying what principles we are committed to as a firm.

  • We are about providing unmatched customer service in any endeavor we undertake; this we do not take lightly
  • We will care for each other and for those who we work for like family - with honor, trust, respect and dignity
  • We are in the business of teaching and learning; at once, impatiently patient and patiently impatient
  • We will do what is right - even if it costs us in the short-term
  • We will constantly strive to improve ourselves in our personal and professional lives
  • We will strive for excellence even in the seemingly little things - this accomplished, achieving big picture excellence will take care of itself
  • Our reputation is our most important asset - we will do more than what is necessary to protect it
  • Our word is our commitment
  • We will have fun; we strive to provide an exhilarating, rewarding and fun-filled work environment for the people who work with us.