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Our Culture


At Confida, we are about providing implausible customer service that has a lasting impact. We do what is right and have fun while doing it. We have a democratic and participatory philosophy that encourages everyone to listen and contribute actively.

Our collaborative style earns us kudos from our clients. Modestly stated, our clients love working with us because they see that we are less interested in showing how smart we are and more concerned with authentically resolving their issues.

This, however, does not prevent us from talking frankly with our clients. We respectfully speak the truth and, although it is not always what our clients want to hear, they do appreciate our advice and the integrity with which we pursue our work.

We believe in striving for leadership and excellence in the seemingly little things - this accomplished, achieving big picture excellence will take care of itself. We do not believe in the "big-bang theory" of organizational transformation. Lasting performance improvements most often begin at the grassroots level - with one decision, one person, one project.

Using this philosophy, we apply our multidisciplinary experience using a structured approach to ensure that we exceed expectations and leave behind meaningful and lasting work.

Our corporate culture is reflected in the name we chose for our company. Confida comes from a Latin word signifying trust, courage and commitment - three principles that we think are tantamount to the success of entrepreneurial organizations.