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Customer Success Story

Banks complete operational merger successfully in a time-compressed environment

Situation: Regulators forced to consolidate operations of troubled banking institutions to reduce overhead costs

Approach: Identify merger "trouble spots" and provide a merger readiness assessment

Solution: Develop a structured readiness profile providing unbiased assessment of key areas focusing on systems infrastructure

Decision Blueprints


Confida provides strategic, organizational and financial assessments grouped together under the common umbrella of decision blueprints.

The benchmark service that we provide for our clients is business performance management. Ultimately, business performance, stripped down to its bare essentials, is about making decisions. And, it is not a logical leap-of-faith to assume that good decisions will drastically improve the probability of marked improvements in business performance. At Confida, we help clients achieve top quintile business performance by providing them the DNA to make near-risk-free decisions.

Often overwhelmed by data and incorrect facts and underwhelmed by easy-to-access information, leaders rely on naturalistic decision-making - by intuition or gut - to make critical business decisions. But, people rely on their gut far too often. There is a mystique about the decisive leader who makes keys decisions based on an inner wisdom rather relying on an exhaustively assembled compendium of facts. Joseph Badaracco summarizes the predicament as follows: "the basic problem-solving principle was "ready, aim, fire"; now, we are told, it is "fire, ready, aim."

However, in an increasingly complex, fast-changing world, "fire, ready, aim" can be "swift, sure and wrong." Relying on instincts, honed in the past, and firing before ready, can lead to devastating mistakes. The world has gotten far too complex and dynamic with too many interrelated variables to be easily and correctly processed in one person's brain. Collecting best-in-class information, organizing in into ready-to-use nuggets and then deliberating over the decision will lead you along the boring road to business performance Shangri-La.

Decision blueprints are assembled knowledge maps designed to guide and help leaders with tactical and strategic decisions. One example of a decision blueprint is an enterprise assessment where Confida helps create an economically-based, holistic assessment often undertaken in "defining organizational events" such as new ventures, mergers or acquisitions. Another example is financial blueprint which is a systematic and flexible business model to capture current and future state economics for organizations and/or projects.

All of Confida's decision blueprints use highly structured and quantitative principles to mine key information nuggets and present these using advanced information mapping techniques. Decision-makers relying on these blueprints will be able to synthesize information far more quickly and accurately than they have done in the past. This fact-base does not replace the need for intuition, but serves as a counter weight - ultimately, while we are strong advocates of "morphing" the art of decision-making into a more precise science.