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Customer Success Story

Mortgage company needs to raise its level of competitiveness by improving its capability to execute its strategic objectives

Situation: Although this leading regional mortgage company has been extremely profitable, it is threatened by new competition and needs to quickly improve its customer service, product innovation and management effectiveness

Approach: Collaborated with the CEO and the Executive Team to convert their strategic plans to action-oriented projects and coached the accountable executives in the execution of their top priority projects impacting market position.

Solution: Re-created strategic projects to be 'winnable' and 'implementable' by using Confida's Executive Project solution as the key organizing structure to track execution of the organizations strategic initiatives

Strategy Implementation


Confida's strategy implementation methodology assists organizations in taking their strategic plans and making them actionable. It is a systematic process where we translate the strategic goals into manageable activities with milestones anchored to measurable objectives. This allows for the strategic plan to easily monitored, better managed and better executed.

There are perhaps millions of strategic plans that organizations have created for the main purpose of being able to say, "We have a Strategic Plan". Some percentage of these organizations do in fact use the plan as the guide for the organizations' direction and future. The problem is that there is an even smaller percentage of these organizations that have put a process in place to ensure the successful fulfillment of their strategic plans. In our experience in working with many various types of organizations, it is astonishing as to how few actually progress against their strategic plan in accordance to the timelines set forth. Many strategic plans even lack time lines. Confida has made a tremendous impact in helping organizations bring these plans to fruition.

It is of vital importance for organizations to address this issue. Without a cohesive and structured effort to execute their strategic plans, entities will continue to be run by the day to day demands of their operations and under perform in the longer term. In fact some of the business we have consulted to really had little chance of achieving their performance objectives due to this simple fact that there were little accountabilities and no consistent tracking of the initiatives that came out of the strategic plan.

At Confida we literally take the existing Strategic Plan that needs to be 'operationalized' and distinguish the measurable objectives that organization wants to accomplish. Once we understand and have alignment on these measurable objectives, we then go through the process of defining or re-defining the initiatives that will have us achieve those objectives. We then apply some of our project leadership distinctions that enable us to ensure that the plan has integrity as we put in the timelines, key milestones and key accountabilities. This is the way that we know the plan will be accomplished. This is the crux of our integrity-based approach and the confidence that we give Executive teams because they know that their strategic plan is 'handled or won' before we even start the projects. Sun Tzu in the Art of War said that, "Most warriors go into war and hope to win, while the great warriors win first and then go into battle". We take a similar approach to leading our projects, where we 'win first' by our integrity based planning approach and all that is left to do is to execute or 'go into battle'. The final piece of this is that we often use our proprietary technology, Executive Project, to track the progress of the strategic plan's actualization. This allows us to make necessary adjustments along the journey to achieve the objectives of the plan.