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Customer Success Story

Rapidly expanding financial company needs to build project management capabilities to help thwart trend of failing M&A projects

Situation: Top Regional Financial Group in the English/Dutch Caribbean had an unacceptable number of failed technology implementations as they acquired new operational units

Approach: Top Regional Financial Group in the English/Dutch Caribbean had an unacceptable number of failed technology implementations as they acquired new operational units

Solution: Customized and integrated Confida's Project Management Methodology and tool kit including our proprietary Executive Project Software to help track and cause successful projects

Project Office Blueprint

Confida provides a complete suite of methodologies, tools and organization structures that support the centralized management, stewardship and implementation of an organization's key project portfolio.

Usually Confida is brought in with this solution when the organization is experiencing a number of failed project implementations. This typically means that they embarked upon a number projects with an inadequate infrastructure and the projects in the pipeline anticipate failure or sub-optimal results. This usually is scary and unacceptable to the Board and Executive Management of the organization especially when the projects in the pipeline have a very high cost of capital. Another sign that the problems surfacing are of an infrastructure nature is when the root causes appear systemic or consistent. For example, if more than 80 percent of the projects experience a more than 50% increase in both costs and project duration, it points to strong possibility that structures and capabilities around estimation and planning are weak and to be reinforced, revamped or completely reintroduced.

It is of vital importance for these systemic or infrastructure issues to be resolved because it can lead to loss in confidence and credibility for a specific business unit or entire corporation. One of our past clients, the technology division of large conglomerate, had experienced a number of significant project failures impacting the rest of the group. This resulted in such a loss of credibility that it made all the legitimate corrective efforts by this IT division not to be taken seriously. This initiated a downward spiraling effect that further lead to a huge impact on the morale and productivity of that unit. Frankly, some organizations never recover from this loss of credibility unless there is a massive re-organization or re-structuring program.

Confida's approach to implementing its Project Office Blueprint involves a preliminary analysis of the organization's current project management infrastructure. This facilitates our recommendations on amending their existing project management framework or the customizing of Confida's PM Methodology. The current state analysis and the overarching methodology or framework will then inform what organization structures, tools and interventions will prove most effective for this specific organizational entity. In many instances, Confida will establish a Project Office to centrally manage and handle all the project related issues for an organization until they develop the necessary capabilities and infrastructures to govern on their own.