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Customer Success Story

Top regional Financial Services Company realized the need to develop its next generation of leaders to effectively compete in the next ten years.

Situation: Due to the turnover of key management, this Financial Services group found itself short on leadership talent and the intellectual capital necessary to sustain the bank in the medium to long-term.

Approach: Collaborated with the CEO and the management team to design a leadership development curriculum and process to produce and certify a 'cadre' of managers every two years.

Solution: Implemented Confida's Leadership Development initiative to acquire, develop and retain top talent for the organization.

Leadership Mentoring


The Leadership Mentoring practice of Confida is really focused on building the capabilities of organizations in project management and leadership. We utilize traditional training methods as well as distinct 'apprentice style' coaching techniques.

The truth of the matter is that companies can invest in the latest technologies, processes and systems but if the basic capabilities or skills are not in place, those investments are not optimized. This is why training is critical part of what we do at Confida. Although, we are proud of the distinct methodologies we bring to client settings, we acknowledge that the acquisition and retention of skills is the access point to leverage any new system or technology. Oftentimes, it is appropriate for us to work with client staff in developing skill sets to simply leverage what the company invested three to four years prior.

This is an extremely important issue because it begins to explain why many companies do not see the promised productivity or savings of many initiatives that they have been approved funding at the board level.

Furthermore, we believe that consultants and vendors should be in the business of knowledge transfer. Meaning that during time period that the vendor is engaged there should be an explicit agreement that at the end of that period, the client has acquired the capability to perform the new skills or associated functions independently and on their own.. There should be a drive on the vendor's part to create independence and not dependence on the consultant. Unfortunately, many consultants create this dependence to ensure continued billings and many clients are not sophisticated enough to insist on a time delimited knowledge transfer.

Confida's approach to its leadership development is very practical and very effective. We typically like to get hands on in working with actual projects in the organization and that gives us best insight into the development needs of key project staff and stakeholders. Once we diagnose what capabilities are needed, we design the specific program to facilitate the most effective growth of knowledge and skills. The practical nature of our program borrowed from the traditional apprenticeship model and is a typically a highly personalized training experience in which the participants receive rigorous coaching to forward their development. We also have traditional training techniques and provide learning forums where we invite subject matter experts to share the wisdom and experience in specific relevant matters. We truly enjoy this aspect of our work as we get to make heroes of staff members who might be overlooked in more traditional settings.