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Customer Success Story

An Agency in US Commerce Department needs a mechanism to effectively track and manage the major projects impacting the agency's performance and strategic plan

Situation: Since the US Commerce Department mandated that all its agencies define and measure its performance, it became increasingly important to track all projects impacting performance

Approach: Defined the specific needs of the agency and collaborated with the project leadership team to customize the most effective structure to track and manage the agency's portfolio of projects

Solution: Implemented Confida's Executive Project Solution and trained the Agency's key project staff on very basic project management principles as well as the use of Executive Project.

Executive Project Solutions


The Executive Project Solution is a turn key solution anchored by our proprietary technology that combines our extensive project implementation experience to enable organizations to more successfully execute their key projects and strategic initiatives.

Executive Project serves as a diagnostic tool as it allows us to understand very quickly how projects are 'truly' run in any organization. We use these insights to recommend changes in the project management processes that dramatically impact the probability of project success.

There are a number of problems being solved by the Executive Project Solution. The main problem it resolves is that it gives organizations a very powerful way to view the plethora of complex project related information. Many leadership teams do not know the true status of their key projects in their organizations and as a result are unable to achieve their expected benefits.

The impact of this problem is dramatic because it affects the organization's decision making process at its core. Without quality information delivered in a timely fashion and in digestible format, the leadership team can steer their organizational unit into treacherous waters. Our past experience with other clients reveals that not knowing the true project status is often one of the root causes why companies do not meet their performance objectives.

Our typical approach involves rapidly piloting the top six to ten projects in the client organization. We usually accomplish this in one week with key staff members trained on the basic application. Our involvement in these projects give us a window into the performance culture of the organization, the level of its capabilities and the effectiveness of existing project management processes and structures.

The feedback we get from this pilot phase allows us to customize Executive Project to make it more effective in supporting performance goals of the organization. This same feedback is the basis for developing a program to rapidly build the capabilities within the organizations. This would be a combination of training methods, supporting tools & standards and an enabling organizational structure if necessary.

The goal of the Executive Project solution is to have project teams win more consistently. In today's world, the odds are stacked highly against project leaders and oftentimes the project is 'lost' before it is even started. The Project Leaders Practice area provides a number of interventions to support this difficult but very achievable objective.