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Customer Success Story

Activity-based profitability solution helps target high growth, high profitability customers

Situation: Thrill of staggering revenue growth sedated by rapidly declining profitability

Approach: Use analytics and hard fact-base to identify costs, revenues and profitability for all customers

Solution: Analytic, structured-based decision-support methodology identifies high growth, high profitability clients to target

Scorecards & Dashboards


Confida is experienced in the art of designing scorecards and dashboards that provide organizations with simple and elegant mappings of information necessary for decision-making purposes.

Edward Tufte, the father of modern graphical displays says that "of all methods of analyzing and communicating information, well-designed graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time the most powerful." Being able to communicate clearly using a well-designed graphic is at the heart of effective information mapping. Confida believes and uses advanced information mapping techniques to design scorecards and dashboards for organizations. Dashboards or scorecards are assemblies and aggregations of key business metrics often presented in one screen using a variety of charts and displays. Many off-the-shelf Business Intelligence solutions provide standard maps and graphs that purportedly act as business scorecards. The most striking problem with these one-size-fits-all approaches is that the solutions are not particularly tailored to the business using them.

Confida provides custom-solutions for "scorecarding" and "dashboarding" needs. Our solutions involve a four-step process of a) metrics needs assessment, b) design and architecture, c) build and validate and d) disseminate and educate. We use balance scorecards and other metrics techniques as the underpinnings for our designs. Our design and architecture philosophy centers around "less is more" - we provide elegantly simple information maps that contain only what is necessary for decision-making purposes. The build phase can be implemented using in-place Business Intelligence platforms or light technology solutions. Educating users on how to most effectively use the tool is often the most important piece of a successful deployment.

The importance of Performance Reporting systems is captured by their pervasiveness. As ubiquitous as the business scorecard is, it has failed to become as effective a tool as an automobile dashboard - at Confida, we aim to close this gap.