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Analytic Application Benefits


Our Business Intelligence solutions coupled with our analytic capabilities are designed to provide decision-makers access to mission-critical information. This type of information allows organizations to overcome key challenges - for instance, what segments of my business are most/least profitable and why, which of my customers do I have the best/worst relationship and why, which of my assets are being utilized optimally/sub-optimally and why, which of my key projects will be on-time and on-budget and which ones will not. Key questions like these and many others are the reason why Business Intelligence has emerged as a key part of an organization's ammunition to overcome daily business challenges.

Benefits of Business Intelligence in general and Analytic Applications in particular can be summarized as follows:

Fact-based decision-making - a structured compilation of facts to serve as a building block for key decisions replacing the need to make hurried gut-level decisions

Organizational alignment - a collaborative environment where all stakeholders have access to the same information, objectives and metrics ensures a much higher likelihood of optimal business performance

Increased business agility - the best real-time information gives organizations a measurable advantage in an ever-changing competitive marketplace

Audit trail - decisions based on structured, formalized processes and facts allow decision-makers the relief that they will not be second-guessed in the future

What-if analysis - a "laboratory" environment for decision-makers to test and trial business scenarios in preparation for selecting among competing options improves the chance of making the best decision

Single source - key decision-makers looking at the same information which has been filtered comprehensively for data integrity issues ensures consistency in the decision making process

Information dissemination - reliable, reproducible and comprehensible knowledge-base makes it easier for senior management to provide customer-facing employees with the right information for on-the-spot decision-making

Web access - minimal cost, zero footprint, flexible interface can be customized and optimized for specific users allowing the right information to get to the right people at the right time

Enhanced information mapping - simple and elegant visual maps and charts allow decision-makers to disregard the infinity of "data noise" and instead focus on mission-critical "information nuggets"