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Customer Success Story

Forecasting budgets made much simpler using demand-driven, decision-support methodology

Situation: Variances in budgets from plan to actual cause major problems with business planning.

Approach: Activity-based cost and revenue analysis determines fundamental business drivers and budget numbers recast based on these predictive drivers

Solution: Dynamic demand-driven budgeting system developed that helps eliminate budget vari

Analytics Applicatons


Confida's structured approach to Business Intelligence provides our clients with a comprehensive start-to-finish solution utilizing our business and strategy backgrounds supplemented by our technology and information mapping expertise.

Our offering can be broken down to three distinct components: Assessment, Analysis and Access.


BUsiness Analytic App


The assessment phase covers data gathering, data manipulation and data integrity. Data gathering involves the collection of data from various disparate internal and external sources. This data is then combed for errors and inconsistencies and manipulated initially in automated fashion and if necessary manually to arrive at a relatively homogenized repository. A comprehensive data integrity pass then ensures that the data has accurately captured transactions from various business segments.

Once a "signed-off" data repository has been created, the discovery phase is begun where various analyses are conducted ("data is mined"). These analyses are sourced internally from business users identifying "sore points" and externally from Confida using an iterative exploratory analysis approach. This combination along with transitional analyses feed into a rich discovery process that iteratively arrives at a well-organized set of analyses offering insight intelligence and rich nuggets of information regarding various business components.

The insight intelligence gathered during the analysis is phase is then composed into a coherent knowledge base. This coalescing of various analyses provides the "ahas", the "so-whats" and the "what-ifs" that help improve strategic and tactical decision-making. The access phase is concluded by assembling the knowledge-base into a web-based system providing an elegant, easy-to-understand graphical representation of the information.

We offer these services - assessment, analysis and access - either as an integrated offering or in an unbundled fashion. Although improving business performance is optimized by providing an integrated offering, we do realize that some clients might have previously purchased Business Intelligence solutions from software vendors. In these cases, we provide best-in-class assessment and analysis services as input to off-the-shelf solutions from other vendors.

We cannot stress how critical it is to get good data into the data repository. Confida's culture of "leaving rake marks" wherever we go, highlights the considerable attention that we pay to detail including the scrubbing and cleaning of data during the assessment phase. Having data integrity is the key reason for the success (or lack thereof) of Business Intelligence and Analytic Application efforts. We design reports that make sense for a business user. Confida's forte in the design of decision support applications is in our unique information mapping skills which are rooted in graphical displays that impart necessary conclusions easily.

Our custom applications are designed collaboratively with customers using a structured method that guarantees better decision making - effectively, we develop decision support applications designed: "by the user, for the user".

Forecasting budgets made much simpler using demand-driven, decision-support methodology